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In part three of the design dialogues series, Samira Bouabana, graphic designer and programme manager for Visual Communication at Beckmans, presents her artistic research project where she has immersed herself in several tracks with links to the subject of visual communication.

November 23, | presentation of the Research(f)rön project

What does a gallery, soap, a restroom and a deck of cards have in common? They are all examples of a series of studies where Samira Bouabana has explored methods and conditions for collaboration and visibility for visual communication. 

The projects can be read as parts of a single project or as seven separate seeds for future projects. On November 23, she will present it in an open lecture at Beckmans. 

Time, location & registration 

Date: 23 November 16.15-17.15
Location: auditorium, Beckmans College of Design, Brahegatan 10


About artistic research at Beckmans 

In 2017, Beckmans initiated an investment in artistic research that has so far resulted in five different research projects with links to our fields of education. product design, fashion and visual communication. Some of the projects have been presented in various formats, including at nationalmuseum, Sven-Harry's art museum and Rian design museum.

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Works of Essence

Works of Essence

Open casting

Open casting

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