The Kinship Method is here.

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Through experiments, "design therapy" and alternative methods, the project The Kinship Method 2018-19 was carried out. 

Now the book, with texts and documentation where participating designers tell us more about the thoughts and process in the project, has arrived. The project was exhibited at Sven-Harry Art Museum in 2020. During the spring it will also be on display at the Rian Design Museum.

Book to read as an opinion piece or inspiration 

In The Kinship Method, five designers challenge themselves and each other by trying new methods. It is both a story and an example of how an internship-based project can create new knowledge and help change the designer role, while at the same time questioning the ideas of how design is created. The book can therefore be read as an opinion piece but also serve as inspiration for anyone interested in process, artistic work and design.

The project is a means of developing new ideas

The project is part of Beckman's investment in artistic subject development and has been initiated and run by Margot Barolo, Programme Manager at product design. She has in turn invited four designers linked to Beckmans – Andreas Nobel, Erik Björk, Fredrik Paulsen and Mia Cullin to a kind of design relay. All designers were commissioned to design a chair that was given a first generation and then passed on to the next designer in the group. The task was then to design a new chair where 20-40 percent of the shape from the previous chair, designed, by someone else, remained. After that, the process was repeated once more, while each generation of chairs culminated in everyone in the group meeting and conducting a session of "design therapy".

-The purpose of the project has not been to make the best chairs. Nor to challenge copyright, deal with possible design traumas or investigate collaborative methods – it has rather been a means of developing new ideas around alternative design roles and design production," says Margot Barolo.

Samira Bouabana, graphic designer and program manager for Visual Communication and John Bengtsson who graduated from the program in 2020, have designed the book. Karin Björkquist is a photographer.

Artistic research at Beckmans

In 2017, Beckmans College of Design launched an investment in artistic research. Since then, three different research projects have been carried out that are linked to our areas of education product design, fashion and visual communication. The projects have been presented in different formats in 2020, while new research projects have been initiated.

Works of Essence

Works of Essence

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Open casting

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