Fashion Collaboration - Beckmans Denim Dimensions

Karin Ahlqvist

13 students from the Fashion program at Beckmans College of Design have created unique denim collections for the prominent Swedish fashion brands Busnel, Flattered, Ida Sjöstedt, Lazoschmidl, Rave Review and Stutterheim.

From new variations on the jeans we all love and wear, to garments that completely reverse the traditional use of blue fabric, these collections translate an ancient material into a new era.

The future designers have created expressions that take advantage of the unique qualities and rich history of denim garments. The collections have been placed in a contemporary fashion context, often with a sustainable approach where the clothes are used and live longer. The garment and the wearer have a shared history through washing, wearing and mending. Even the materials themselves, the cotton twill and indigo color, have invited experimentation and creative craftsmanship that blurs the line between street and studio.

- These unique collections also represent Beckmans College of Design's valuable meetings between our future designers and fashion's best brands," says Göran Sundberg, lecturer at the Fashion program.

On February 6 there will be a viewing at Terminalen, Stadsgården 2 in Stockholm. Press invitation only.
After the screening, the festivities will continue from 18.30-21.00. OSA link to the aftermath can be found here

On February 6, the screening will also be livestreamed. Tickets for the digital screening can be downloaded here

Watch the movie Fashion Collaboration - Beckmans Denim Dimensions here

Participating fashion brands and students:

Joel Andersson - Deconstruction of Matrimony | Ida Sjöstedt
The wedding day is the biggest signifier of a happy ending but not all end in the traditional way: couples have a change of heart, someone is left at the altar... I have made this collection for the man who considers clothing and style to be a part of his identity, who is not afraid to dress non-normative and explore the lines between masculine and feminine. @anderssonlarsjoel

Charlotte Backryd - Soon is Now | Lazoschmidl
My design aims to examine the fragile and intricate process of loving yourself in all your expressions. I design powerful contemporary creations for all free spirits. Humans who define themselves and rightfully demand to be seen, confirmed and loved as they are. @charlottebackryd

Emily Duff - Don't Flatter Me (But Do) | Flattered
The contradictory relationship of two parties who play a constructed social digital game, consisting of basic human needs of confirmation and belonging. My design aims to visually examine this ironic game; investigating the intricate space Mabetweenthe body (the private) and the clothes (the personal). @emiagn

Filippa Fuxe - Neofemme | Ida Sjöstedt
In my collection I want to preserve Ida Sjöstedt's core visual concept with focus on romance, escapism and femininity and inquired how we handle femininity in today's society? Neofemme is a capsule collection where two opposite poles meet: The past and the future, historical and contemporary, the monarchy and anarchy. @filippafuxe

Emily Gullbo - Swedish melancholy at its driest | Stutterheim
A wet looking but waterproof denim collection based on the original pattern construction of Stutterheim's timeless rainwear. Inspired by a classic method, vulcanization, I've explored techniques and developed methods with latex combined with upcycled jeans to create shape. The floaty silhouettes are combined with melancholic watercolor like prints. @emilygullbo

Astrid Hansson | Stutterheim
This collection is created for the urban, fashion-conscious woman who expresses herself through clothing. Shapes are emphasized through padding, making the garments and the wearer stand out. Denim is paired with Stutterheim ́s rubberized cotton fabric, putting together a balanced color palette in a youthful and playful collection. @astridlinneahansson

Anna Lastro | Busnel
The collection is about the Busnel woman, her daughter, how and why garments are passed down. An idea of wanting to grow up too fast and how a ruthless teen girl lives in Stockholm's upper-class suburbs while striving for something more. Her secret longing to be discovered and chosen, plucked from her reality into relevance. @annalastro

Tim Maksimovic | Flattered
My collection explores the insides of relationships, how two parts relate to each other. Flattered is firmly rooted in today's social media culture and I take a closer look at the boyfriend of the Flattered woman, whose life is shared publicly. My collection is relaxed, a less tidy version of the more presented style shown in public. @ttimmeehh

Karolina Pettersson - For Whom the Bell Tolls | Rave Review
Inspired by Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls, my collection conceptualizes our need for connectedness.Through upcycling, using deadstock, and a play with colour, I build upon Rave Review's sustainable approach to fashion, but also on the brand's usage of textiles evoking feelings of rawness and nostalgia - translated into upcycled bridal dresses. Furthermore, I use couture techniques (hand-knitting and chenille) that strongly unite disparate fabrics and colors. @ingakarolinapettersson

Johanna Stannow | Rave Review
The collection is created with eyes released from social media, dressing for yourself instead of a selfie, regardless of the occasion; in the garden or in the city. By tying the garments and screwing them together with rivets, garments can be in constant change through variation and expression, influencing future consumption patterns. @stannow

Amanda Sörman Rascka - O.G (Original Guido) | Rave Review
In my collection O.G (Original Guido) I wanted to combine the elite society high fashion (Rave Review) customer with the lower class customer. So I picked the most tasteless garments (that would never see the light of day) I could find in my basement to resurrect as luxury pieces dear to heart. To challenge myself I recycled deadstock, second hand pieces and leftover spill bits, nothing new was purchased to make this collection. @arascka

Julia Weström - Obsessed with Confirmation | Lazoschmidl
This collection's starting point comes from Lazoschmidl. I have focused on the stripped and tight clothes to get a more "street look." Denim is used as the primary material, and the color palette is unexpected and playful. Knitted gold chains and different materials combined in the accessories make my miniature collection version of the brand. @juliawe

Mohammad Ali Yaghoobi - Tuyou | Busnel
Abstract lines shape an almost blurred illusion of body on clothes for persons who are aware of their inner selves and stand for their choices. A collection that gives you the opportunity to be casual and elegant on your workday, or being avant-garde-ly elegant in the evening (or day). I know you are an individual. @yagobimohammadali

Production: The Forumist Production
Styling: Amanda Hörlin
Hair: Sofia Geideby
Makeup: Johanna Larsson

Lighting technician: Olof Jonsson Gaffer
Music and live performance: Kimchii
Live stream production in collaboration with: Grandpa Electric & Doors
Cinematography and direction: Sara Dehlin
Campaign photographer: Pelle Lannefors
Lookbook photographer: Nils Löfholm
Campaign, film and lookbook talents: Amelie, Amy G, Ida C, Josefine G from Mikas and Dustin from Nische Management

Thanks to: Busnel, Flattered, Ida Sjöstedt, Rave Review, Lazoschmidl, Stutterheim, Calik, Ljud & Bild Media, Copper AB, H&M Group, etc.