Beckmansstudent winner in Screen 2018

Beckmans visual communication

Anna Knutsson, student at the visual communication program, is one of the winners of the poster competition Screen 2018!

The poster is her interpretation of the theme of Fake.

"I thought about how the word fake is often used to describe someone unsympathetic," he said. Having multiple personalities is something ugly, almost unpleasant. But isn't that quite natural? That we can be nice one day but the next day not have the energy or the mood to even keep a conversation going. Being fake doesn't mean we're bad people, it just means we're human," says Anna.

About Screen

Screen is an annual poster competition for Sweden's leading design and art schools with the aim of giving students increased insight into the art of posters and the qualities of screen printing. The entries are judged by a professional jury and the top ten entries, those who have made the best use of the possibilities of screen printing and have the poster effect of which the poster art is characterized, screen printed.


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