Beckmans lecturer now also PhD student in visual communication at Konstfack

Beckmans staff, visual communication

Congratulations to Beckmanslektor Brita Lindvall Leitmann, who will now be one of Sweden's first doctoral students in the subject of visual communication on an artistic basis!

Pioneering practice

Brita Lindvall Leitmann is a graphic designer with 25 years of professional practice and has been a senior lecturer on the Visual Communication programme at Beckmans since autumn 2019. He is internationally recognized for his methodologically and aesthetically pioneering practice and since 2012 runs the design studio Bastion where he, together with Alexandra Falagara, investigates how power-critical theory can be translated through visual communication. Perhaps most notable is their transformation of Bang magazine (2012–2015), which highlights and plays with typographical traditions, visual culture and editorial principles. 

Appointment with great importance for the development of the subject of visual communication 

Together with illustrator and image narrator Cecilia Hei me Flumé, they will begin their doctoral studies at Konstfack in collaboration with HDK-Valand in November 2020. "These are people who stand out by their work, they stand with steady feet in practice and show how doing and thinking are strongly interwoven processes," he said. Their design skills, craftsmanship and curiosity are extremely valuable at a level where theory risks triumphing practical knowledge," explains Johanna Lewengard and Sara Teleman, professors of illustration and graphic design at Konstfack, who also underline the importance for the development of the field of visual communication now that the first doctoral students have been appointed.


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