Beckmansalumni awarded in Swedish Fashion Talents 2018

Beckmans alumni, fashion

Fashion designer and former Beckmans student Per Götesson has been named Swedish Fashion Talent of the Year by the Swedish Fashion Council, and two other Beckmans alumni have been awarded the Changer Award. 

Strong design celebrated

"Per Götesson puts Swedish fashion on the international map. Acclaimed by the industry for his strong design, expressive silhouette and creative spirit, he is therefore awarded Swedish Fashion Talent of the Year," the jury writes in its motivation.

Per Götesson graduated in Fashion in 2013 and went on to study an MA in Menswear at the Royal College of Art in London. Days after his MA show, he also showed his collection at the prestigious MAN London 2016.

Brand that has brought new power to the industry

The Changer Award goes to the brand Rave Review, founded by Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück (both graduated from Fashion 2016). The award is given to the brand that has contributed to the development of the industry through a particularly strong ability to innovate, shake things up and bring new energy to the industry. 

"With an industry in flux, this visionary duo is forging its own path. A high fashion brand with a foundation in re-design, Rave Review is the brand that innovatively shakes up and creates an alternative way for the future of the fashion industry," the jury writes in their motivation.



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