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Ella Westlund (2017) has been invited to design week to talk about her graduation project from Beckmans and her work with inclusive design.

A human sofa that wants to change the world  

In her graduation project, she designed a sofa with space for a wheelchair in the middle so that parents can get closer to their wheelchair-bound child. The sofa has been praised for its compassionate and inclusive perspective and has gone all the way to market through NC Furniture. Now designer Ella Westlund has been invited by Design Indaba and Antenna Talks to present the project at Dutch Design Week Eindhoven alongside 19 other graduating designers who want to change the world.  

–It will be great fun to talk about my degree project for a large audience but above all to meet the other speakers from all over the world who are also interested in changing the world in some way. 

"I want to change the way we look at custom design. Today, Swedish care furniture is made of plastic and metal and it has been forgotten that it is people who should use them. I want to change the way we look at care furniture and create these furniture for the people who are going to use them. My goal is to create a series of care furniture aimed at people's homes. Because as it stands today, the whole home looks like a hospital as soon as you bring in a custom piece of furniture," says Ella. 

During the week (20-28 October), Ella's sofa will be exhibited at Tandem at Veemgebouw, Strijp S Eindhoven.  

About Antenna and Dutch Design Week Eindhoven 

Antenna is a platform for young international design talent, initiated by Design Indaba and Dutch Design Week. Every year, Antenna selects the 20 newly graduated designers who leave a positive impact on the world and who are looking for the answers to the global challenges of our time.  

Dutch Design Week Eindhoven focuses on the design of the future and highlights innovation and experimentation. The week is visited by more than 300,000 people from all over the world and more than 2,600 designers present their work and concepts during the week.


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