Beckman alum is the winner of Jury Day 2022

Beckmans graduation2022 and product design

Siri Boekhout, an alumnus of the Beckmans Design Programme, is one of this year's winners of the Designtorget prize, Jurydagen 2022.

With her tulip vase "Tulip", Siri Boekhout enhances floral arrangements with an organic and irregular design. The vase's narrow neck and wide opening are also meant to support the tulip's waning phase.

Jury's motivation

Siri shows that a vase is not just a vase, but can be especially caring for the tulip bouquet, the Swedes' favourite cut flower. The vase can hold a whole bunch of tulips or just a few long-necked stems. The tulip is strong in its expression and a beautiful detail in the home, even without flowers in it. We predict that the vase will become a future classic and a contemporary must-have in the vase wardrobe.

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Works of Essence

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