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Over six weeks, students have immersed themselves in Jewish Stockholm and created nine digital guides to the museum, adapted for visitors' mobile phones.

-"Weat Beckmans are delighted to collaborate, for the third year running, with the Jewish Museum, a place and institution that truly understands the importance of allowing design students to explore the Jewish narrative through new media and digital technologies. The museum has shown great openness and generosity in collaborating with our students ,"says Peter Ström, lecturer in the Visual Communication programme at Beckmans and course director.

Windows - nine digital guides

Using smartphones, fifteen third-year Visual Communication students have created nine digital guides that lead visitors into the history of the Jewish Museum; Cupido 3 , for example, allows visitors to explore the building through a digital timeline. In I Trawl the Hyperlinks, an interactive guide in the genre of hypernovels, Judaism is freely explored. Other guides highlight Jewish family histories, visual city walks through the Jewish history of Södermalm and the true story of the farm trader Jakob Steinberg, retold through AI technology.

- "It's fantastic to see how the students at Beckman's School of Design are reinterpreting and highlighting parts of Swedish-Jewish history in a very fine and innovative way," says Christina Gamstorp, Museum Director at the Jewish Museum.

Vernissage 27 October

The digital guides will be presented at an opening at the Jewish Museum on 27 October at 4pm. All guides work on a regular smartphone and will be available at http://fö on the day of the opening.

When: 27 October, opening at 4pm, opening at 5.30pm.
Where: the Jewish Museum, Själagårdsgatan 19 in the Old Town.
Register for the opening here!


Participating students and their guides:

Anna Ericsson Hybbinette, Louise Gistrand & Ida Gustavsson: Cupido 3
Axel Wahl & Fredrik Westin: The Murder of the Jewish Farm Trader (AI version)
Wasim Harwill: Patterns of the Lamb Family
Carl-Johan Elf: The Glass Breach
Edward Ström & Julian Redaelli:
Trawling the hyperlinks
Eliot Siekkinen Lydeén & Lova Rehl: The Jewish Södermalm
Oskar Hannu & Stephanie Sierau: Hurry home for Shabbat!
Viktoria Hultman: Chavruta
Anna Eriksson: Walter

About the Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum in Stockholm has existed since 1987 but in 2019 moved its operations to Sweden's oldest preserved synagogue on Själagårdsgatan 19 in the Old Town. The basic exhibition Jews & Sweden weaves together the history of Jews in Sweden, which holds many experiences of finding their place in a new country, with the Jewish world of thought and the practice of Judaism. Artistic design has an obvious place in the museum's idea, as a reminder of the link between then and now. In 2020, the museum was nominated for the prestigious museum of the year award by Sweden's museums and the Swedish ICOM (International Council of Museums).

Open casting

Open casting

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