Beckmans x Designtorget 2021

Beckmans Product Design

On the theme Of Caring Design, design students at Beckmans College of Design have created six new products for Designtorget.

During the spring, the students in year 2 of the Form programme were commissioned to create products on the theme of "caring design" in collaboration with Designtorget. In teams of two, the students have created a brand and developed a product that they produced in limited edition. The launch will take place on Wednesday 25 August with openings in the store at Kulturhuset in Stockholm. 

TURN – a candelabra that creates meetings between people.

The product is created with thoughtfulness in focus, e.g. through the choice of steel, a circular material that can be recycled over and over again. The dark blue powder coating has a good environmental profile without toxic solvents. With its three arms with room for six candles, the hope is that TURN will be a co-creator of meetings between people, and part of the community around, among other things, the dining table.  Design: Maria Nyholm and Mikaela Midell. In collaboration with Mitab.

STILL LIFE – a combined bowl and dish

STILL LIFE is a combined bowl and barrel that by turning can change the type of container. Still lifes want to highlight the everyday things we surround ourselves with, and give the user the opportunity to create their own still life at home.
Design: Fanny Axnér, Lina Blass and Simon Mattisson

OVIS – a spacious storage basket made of Gotland wool

Wool is a climate-smart natural material with many unique properties. The natural fat lanolin allows dirt and moisture not to penetrate the wool fibers, and the material is thanks to this self-cleaning. OVIS, named after the sheep's Latin name, is considerate both for your things and the environment.

In 2018, according to the Swedish Sheep Breeding Association, 1,400 of the 1,800 tons of wool cut from sheep in Sweden were thrown away. At the same time, 300 tons of wool were imported from other countries. An incredible waste of resources. In recent years, several initiatives have been taken to make better use of Swedish wool. One of these is Ullkontoret, which since 2016 runs a large-scale wool washing company in Endre on Gotland. There, wool is washed that previously would have been wasted. OVIS is made of needle felt from Ullkontoret from 100% Gotland wool. The handles of saddle made of Italian flax are woven by Smålands Band in Skillingaryd. The basket is sewn at Lindevalls Industri in Östersund.
Idea and design: Tora Kirchmeier and Rebecca Wiik

POND – a new-style cake platter

POND is based on a traditional but perhaps somewhat forgotten product – the cake dish, which here gets a new twist both in terms of product design and function. Like a cake platter or a dish, Pond adds an extra festive atmosphere to the set table. At the same time, the staggered planes allow the product to also be used as a stand-off or display area for other objects.
Design: Siri Boekhout and Ida Swim
Thank you to BTT Plåt for manufacturing the products.

BEAMBLOCKS – sculptural candles designed with care

With shapes and elements taken from Swedish architecture and nature, you as a consumer get to compose your own unique light. BEAMBLOCKS comes in two parts and you choose a base and a crown light among different shapes and colors according to what suits your style. The candles are hand cast in Sweden.
Design: Emil Ahlgren and Elias Berg

BUKT – a kettlebell as sculptural detail

BUKT is a kettlebell that you can leave in front of as a sculptural detail in your home when you're not using it for exercise. In this way, we hope that it can encourage and facilitate spontaneous exercise. It has a weight of nine kilos and a handle with a focus on ergonomics.
Design: Dana Ferrazzini and Felicia Mebus

Works of Essence

Works of Essence

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Open casting

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