Beckmans medverkar på Nobel Week Lights

Beckmans Alumni

The Nobel Week Lights Light Festival takes place during The Nobel Week 4-12 December. Beckmans participates with a work created by alumni from the school that is on display in Sergels torg.

The work, "(REACTION VIDEO)", was created by the artist collective Swedish Girls, which consists of Josefin Zachrisson, Julia Jondell, Matilda Ellow and Mira Bergh, who all graduated from form program 2019. It is also a collaboration with artist Jenny Forsgren.

Photo: Christian Åslund

The video installation is linked to this year's Nobel Peace Prize laureates, Maria Resa and Dmitry Muratov, who receive the prize for their efforts to protect freedom of expression as a prerequisite for democracy and lasting peace. Through journalism and with life as an input, they react to the present, seek and find new stories.

The work is on Sergels torg, in front of Kulturhuset Stadsteatern between 4-12 December. Photo: Christian Åslund

In the work, the artists have filmed and abstracted their own reacting faces. In the physical form, they have taken on the chain of reactions and translated it into the form on which the video work is projected. The work is built up through the technique "Mise En Abyme" which in film and literary theory referred to inserting a story into a story. In this way, they visualize reactions of reactions. With the present as a starting point, they have been inspired by the YouTube phenomenon Reaction Vidos, where people film themselves reacting to different things – everything from terrible news to newly released music.

Photo: Christian Åslund

The project is developed within the framework of Beckmans College of Design Alumni project in collaboration with Nobel Week Lights.  

About Swedish Girls and Jenny Forsgren

Swedish Girls is an artist collective based in Stockholm that works in the borderland between art and design. It consists of Matilda Ellow, Julia Jondell, Mira Bergh and Josefin Zachrisson. Together they challenge normative working methods and have a conceptual focus. Their projects handle contemporary discussions to arouse emotions and create conversations. In addition to the collective, each member has their own individual practice.

Jenny Forsgren is an artist in the audiovisual field with a focus on immersive rooms and multisensory experiences. Through installations and projection mapping, she investigates the interaction between materiality and digitality, with a particular interest in moving bodies. Her creation has a starting point in philosophical concepts and theoretical approaches where the method arises in the encounter with each new context.

About Nobel Week Lights

For the second year, the Nobel Week Lights light festival takes place on the streets of Stockholm during The Nobel Week 4-12 December. Inspired by Nobel Prize-winning efforts and individuals, fantastic light installations are created that light up in the December darkness.

This year's artists and lighting designers explore some of science's greatest discoveries and create amazing installations. With the help of unique ideas and technical skills, works are created that inspire, attract reflection and give new perspectives on the city and the urban environment.


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