FORMATION | Beckmans examensutställning 2022


From 19 to 24 May, you can experience projects that explore, challenge and influence a wide range of areas in design and creation.

You will encounter thoughts and ideas, techniques and forms that have been kneaded and formulated over many weeks, only to be reconsidered and reformulated, shaped and sharpened. The process is rarely straightforward but always rewarding.

The creative process and the development of the students are the starting point for this year's exhibition concept. How education and school set the framework, and each student chooses what to fill it with. Creativity is an ongoing journey, which, with all its stopping points, forms completely different patterns.

Welcome to FORMATION!

Opening hours & location:

Press preview 19 May at 13.00
Vernissage 19 May 16.00-20.00. Please register via our Facebook event.
Weekdays: 12.00-19.00
Weekends 11.00-16.00
Location: Beckmans School of Design, Brahegatan 10. T-bana Östermalmstorg.

Concept & Art Direction

Eric Rösmark, Maja Schein, Sara Solén and Jonna Lindberg,
graduate students in Visual Communication

Open casting

Open casting

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