Beckmans x Designtorget 2022

vicarious communicator

Together with Designtorget, we are now launching six products designed by design students.

The collaboration is a chance for young designers to work with industry-related production during their studies.

-In this course we have been able to face reality in a different way, without the protective walls of the school. It's been challenging but also great fun, says Annelie Wihlborg and Carl Folkesson, who together developed the GIRA hook.

Limited edition design

In the second year of the Design programme, students are tasked with creating a brand and producing a limited edition product manufactured by a local subcontractor. The course provides students with an understanding of materials and production methods and how to communicate with different professionals.

-"Communicating our idea as clearly as possible to manufacturers and producers, i.e. someone who is not our teacher or part of the school environment, has been one of the most challenging things. We've also worked on trying to keep an open mind and early in the process to some extent steer our product design towards what is possible to manufacture efficiently," they say.

Six products in stores and online from 28 April-29 May

The fact that Annelie and Carl chose to experiment with a hook was partly due to its small size.

-A wall hook can really exude so much personality despite its small size. But it was also important for us to make a product that would be accessible to as many people as possible. Since price is an inevitable part of that, we wanted to work on a smaller scale. We both felt that Designtorget is many times the shop to go to in order to find the product with that little "extra", but which nevertheless doesn't have to cost too much.

From 28 April, GIRA and six other products will be on sale in the Designtorget shop at Sergelgatan 20 in Stockholm and online for a month.

GIRA hook | design Annelie Wihlborg & Carl Folkesson

Our ambition was to make a hook that was not so "hooked". The result was the opposite - an extra crooked hook. For us, Designtorget is the shop we go to when we're looking for something with that little something extra. Our aim has always been that our product would ultimately fit in, but that despite its small size it would take up space and be visible both through colour and product design.
Material: powder-coated aluminium

POM bookends | design Cecilia Mosesson, Imad Benkabbou & Max Lundén

A bookend where you are invited to influence the appearance. When the bookend is taken out of its envelope, it folds up and the leaves can be pushed out to give a sense of depth but also a beautiful play of light. The inspiration is taken from William Morris's nature patterns, and the apple, with its symbolism of knowledge, is the focus.
Material: brass

BOB bag clip | design Elin Åkerfeldt and Emilia Lamberg

BOB is a stainless steel bag clip, a hygienic and durable material. It can be stored in refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers, and is a more durable alternative to plastic bag clips. The classic yet modern design means it could just as easily be found in grandma's kitchen drawer as in your own. BOB adds that little extra to your opened packages and is perfect to give as a gift to the person who has everything.
Material: stainless steel

LILO mirror | design Olivia Ståhl and Fanny Johansson

We want to explore whether we could find an interplay between art and design and thereby create a playful product that adds something more than just a practical function. Through the form, we want to give the user the freedom to bring the mirror to life in their own way. Perhaps as a table decoration, a tray or as a classic mirror. Only your imagination sets the limits!
Material: mirror glass, forescolor

RUTAN 3×4, bed shelf | design Elinor Parra & Sofie Krüll

Rutan 3 x 4 is a quilted bed shelf in durable bouclé fabric, suitable for homes where traditional bedside tables won't fit. Inspired by contemporary fashion and interior design, Rutan 3 x 4 is a soft shelf that can be used at the bedside as well as in other rooms. The practical shelf is easily hung on the wall with matching screws. When needed, it is easy to clean by unscrewing the screw covers by hand and removing the round rod.

The hanging shelf is made by Fabrikörerna, a sewing factory in Gothenburg that is mostly owned and operated by people who are new to Sweden. "When you buy this product, you contribute to diversity, the environment and opportunity!" Fabrikörerna.
Material: fabric and wadding 100% polyester, birch round rod.

ZEN vase & candlestick | design Jenny Svensén and Johanna Ringqvist

Zen is a combined vase and candlestick made of recycled aluminium. The concept of Zen originates from Eastern culture and is based on inner presence. By reversing the shape, the user is allowed to follow the changing seasons and thus be present in the present. In the summer months, Zen is the perfect vase for flowers. And in winter, a candlestick to light up your home.
Material: recycled aluminium