Beckmans College of Design x Paris Fashion Week


This spring, fifteen strong fashion talents graduated from Beckmans College of Design. Now they are taking the step to the international fashion scene with a showroom at Paris Fashion Week.

The graduate collections were shown for the first time in a high-profile screening at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in May 2023. Since then, the collections have appeared in fashion editorials as well as on artists. Beckman's new graduate designers have been awarded several scholarships from NK Nordiska Kompaniet, Association of Swedish Fashion Brands Stockholm Fashion Week, Swedish Fashion Council/TEKO, H&M among others. 

More information about the degree collections is available at

Showroom at the Institut Suédois

From September 28 – 30, the collections will be shown at the Institut suédois in Paris. Between these dates, there will be an opportunity to meet all the designers and take a closer look at the graduation collections and portfolios in a showroom at the Institut suédois, 11 rue Payenne.

Working on the graduation collections, students complete a full design process, exploring their approach as designers; from researching and formulating a concept to actually making the garments that illustrate what they want to say as creators and how they want to contribute to the fashion scene. The graduate course is led by Pär Engsheden, Programme Director for Fashion.

In addition to Beckmans Design College presentation of the graduate collections, three new Swedish fashion brands will be on display, including Beckmans alumni brands INA FAAKS and Utbult and also the first brand created by Changers Fashion, The ISM* Manual. 

The project is produced and curated by Annika Berner.

September 28th–30th, open between noon–6pmAppointments 10am–6pm
Institut suédois, 11 rue Payenne
Talk, finissage 30 Sept 4–6pm, rsvp for guest list.


Participating designers
Graduates: Charlotte Backryd, Anna Lastro, Amanda Sörman Rascka, Asli Cömert, Emily Gullbo, Emily Duff, Filippa Fuxe, Hilda Landström Ferm, Isabelle Sjöman, Joel Andersson, Julia Weström, Mohammad Ali-Yaghoobi, Tim Maksimovic

Brands: INA FAAKS, Utbult, the ISM' Manual

Thanks to
The project is made possible through collaboration with Encouragement for Action, Changers Fashion, the Stockholm Fashion District, Association of Swedish Fashion Brands Stockholm Fashion Week, the Swedish Fashion Council, the Swedish Institute in Paris, Bolon, Steamery Stockholm, Nordiska Kompaniet and H&M. 


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