Closure & Scholarships 2023


On June 2, the graduation and scholarship ceremony for this year's newly graduated designers took place. Congratulations!

Scholarships from H&M, Nordiska Galleriet and KKV were awarded.

Karina Ericsson Wärn, President of Beckmans College of Design, emphasizes the importance of external support.

 - Scholarships for our graduates come in different forms, from exposure in influential design contexts to cash, and can be directly crucial when it comes to making the step from graduate to professional. A path that is linked to everything from material purchasing costs to visibility. So my warmest thanks go to ETQ Ventures, Glass Factory, Svenskt Tenn, FORMEX, H&M, ELOBINA, Swedish Fashion Council and KKV - Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad as well as NK for your generosity and investment in tomorrow's designers.

Beckman internal scholarships went to the following:

Beckman's scholarship, Product Design

Scholarship of SEK 5,000 each

Carl Folkesson
In a world that is spinning ever faster and all too often in the wrong direction, the Product design program's one grant is awarded to a work that in a calm and methodical way rubs on and creates a plethora of new opportunities from what is always left over.

Elinor Parra
For a work that demonstrates design craftsmanship of the highest order and turns what can be perceived as abstract into something physical we can touch. For a project that encourages saving but with a twist that makes it possible to actually both save and spend.

Beckman's Scholarship, Fashion

Scholarship of SEK 5,000 each

Mohammad Ali Yaghoobi
The following scholar has shown an impressively steep development curve during his studies at Beckman College of Design. With a strong ability to seize learning opportunities and find personalized approaches to course assignments, this student has also made a rigorous exploration, from question to crystal clear product design, in his thesis.

Beckman Scholarship, Visual Communication

Scholarship of SEK 10,000

Ida Gustafsson
To a student who has succeeded in the difficult art of holding on to her idea all the way - while being open to learning, questioning, testing, printing, cutting, folding, feeling, looking again and again. A project in which she has been absolutely present in different parts of the country as she has eavesdropped on what the present is talking about. Ida Gustafsson's sensitivity, commitment and presence have also characterized everything she has done during her three years at Beckmans.


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