"Newcomers of the Year" according to product design Magazine is two Beckmans students

Beckmans product design, Stockholm Furniture Fair

When product design The awards were presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, Sarah Hasselqvist and Melinda Urbansdotter received the award as "newcomers of the year" by The Magazine product design.

They receive the award for their Vent armchair, which they developed together with Johanson Design within the framework of Beckman's design collaboration with six of Sweden's top furniture manufacturers. 

"Unusually ambitious student project"

"In an unusually ambitious student project, Sarah Hasselqvist and Melinda Urbansdotter from Beckmans in collaboration with producer Johanson have created an armchair with great personality and unexpected details. With an idiom that communicates with the poppy steel pipe design of the 1970s, their Vent confidently takes a seat in the room, inviting long sittings on the sniskan," the jury wrote in its motivation.

Fermenting dough inspired

Sarah and Melinda have, among other things, taken inspiration for Vent from a fermenting dough.

"The soft, undulating shapes that give life to the VENT armchair are based on an idea that came out in our design process when we let a dough ferment between different metal structures. What we saw felt both beautiful and playful. Like a warm, safe embrace, the armchair should form an inviting and enveloping impression. The tactile volume should embody a sense of self-confidence, Sarah and Melinda explain.

Vent is currently on display in our stand C17:31 at Stockholm Furniture Fair together with the five other furniture developed in the project.


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