Alumni interview: Ronja Reuber, Product Design 2020

vicarious communicator alumni,product design

What can you do after Beckmans? Ronja Reuber graduated from the Form Programme 2020. Here she tells us what she's doing now.

What are you working on now?

-Since graduating in 2020, I have been freelancing as a furniture and product designer both on my own and in a joint studio with Simon Schiller(Schiller Reuber Design Studio). Over the past year we have been working on interior design projects as well as designing products both for producers and for our own production.

In 2021, we released a collection of three rugs for Peace Industry , a company that makes and sells hand-felted wool rugs. During the autumn I worked on the finalisation of a product that will be launched later this year which involved travelling to manufacturers and others. It's always educational and I really enjoy working "hands on" and close to the industry and artisans.

What does it mean/what are you allowed to do there? 

-Often the design and product development phase is very long, which means that projects run in parallel. Being a restless person, I have always known that I want a job that is project-based. The biggest advantage of freelancing is that I can usually choose what I want to work on today, but as the pandemic years have been unpredictable, I also have a part-time job as a security. 

What's the most important thing you'll take away from Beckmans?

-In addition to all the practical and theoretical knowledge I have gained, the contacts are invaluable. My thesis taught me a lot and gave me the chance to get to know great people and step into the furniture business. The different courses at Beckmans have given me a broad portfolio that opens up for different types of projects, which is both fun and important for the future. 

Novum, Ronja Reuber's graduation project from Beckmans 2020. Photo: Dana Ozollapa.