Alumni interview: Lova Nyblom, Visual Communication 2021

Beckmans alumni, visual communication

What can you do after Beckmans? This week we asked Lova Nyblom, who graduated from the Visual Communication programme in 2021.

1. What are you working on now?

I work as a Junior Designer at Stockholm Design Lab in Stockholm.

2. What does it mean/what are you allowed to do there?

SDL is a branding and design agency that creates new visual identities for companies seeking change. As a junior graphic designer at SDL, I work in a team that typically includes a Creative Director and a more senior Designer.

What we do is come up with ideas and solutions based on the insights of the company and its needs, then we develop a design concept. We then bring the concept to life by developing components such as logo, symbol, typography, demonstrating applications and creating guidelines for further use. Often the work continues and we also create other materials for the client such as web, campaigns and printed materials.

Project from Stockholm Design Lab. Photo: SDL

3. What is the most important thing you have brought back from Beckmans?

The contacts and all the great friends of course.  

But also that you can handle most things. We are challenged to solve so many different types of projects and sometimes have multiple roles in the project, so after 3 years nothing feels scary or impossible anymore.

But also that design should be fun and that it is a privilege to work with something that is your hobby.


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