Visit by MEP Alice Bah Kuhnke


To conclude the fashion students' sustainability course, Alice Bah Kuhnke, Member of the European Parliament, presented the EU's new textile strategy.

Beckmansalumni driving change in industry

The strategy will have a major impact on the textiles sector as it will help the EU move towards a climate-neutral circular economy with more sustainable and energy-efficient products that can be reused, repaired and recycled. During her visit, she highlighted the important role of fashion students in driving change in the industry.

-Sustainability is an integral part of the fashion programme and graduates have long helped to drive change in the industry. One example is the fashion label Rave Review, founded by two Beckmans alumni, whose innovative concept has put remake and upcycling on the international fashion scene. Another example that drives change is working with different business models. For example, former Beckmans student Jade Cropper, who works exclusively with fabric scraps, recycled materials and with a strong focus on different design solutions, only sells a very limited number of each garment, says Pär Engsheden, designer and programme manager.

man and woman talking in front of creation
Mohammad Ali Yaghoobi shows his zerowaste creation to Alice Bah Khunke.

Sustainability course | zerowaste & digital and analogue technologies

During the visit, the students also had the chance to present some of their work in the sustainability course where they worked on a zerowaste project and combinations of digital and analogue techniques. The course leader was Martin Bergström, designer and artist.

two women talking in front of creation
Emily Gullbo presents her print and zerowaste creation to Alice Bah Khunke.

Preview of creation by Beckman alumnus Bea Szenfeld

The students also got a sneak preview of a creation that Beckan graduate Bea Szenfeld created for Alice Bah Khunke for this year's Elle Gala. The inspiration comes from Harry Martinsson's poem Aniara, in which he portrays people on board a Swedish spaceship forced to live with the realisation that no rescue is possible.

Creation inspired by Harry Martinson's poetry collection Aniara.

Update: Became Gala Look of the Year 2022!

Alice Bah Kuhnke was awarded the prize for Gala Look of the Year 2022 at the Elle Gala with her creation by Bea Szenfeld. Photo by Leonard Gren.

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