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More than just volatile compounds applied to the skin, scents in perfumery represent airborne identities; vessels through which memories, emotions, and social culture are transmitted. Aerial Bodies an exhibition showcasing the immaterial potential of scent and design, through five artistic concepts utilizing the surrounding air as their canvas.

Aerial Bodies is the second edition of a collaboration between Beckmans College of Design (Sweden) and ISIPCA* (France). Through an ongoing design dialogue where visual communication and perfumery converge, the students develop their skills in art direction and scent design.

* International Institute of Perfumery, Cosmetics and Food Flavors

The result is presented in Paris, January 25, 2024 & in Stockholm, February 2, 2024.


Confort Mental
41 Rue Saint-Blaise, 75020 Paris, France


Lövholmsvägen 18 liljeholmen 117 43 Stockholm

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Eau de Regular

Gabriel Ankar, Rebecca Lagerstedt, Ernst Lilja, Yi (Lilian) Bai, Elise Mattisson Chue, Sarthak Jain, Ryan Chong

About Eau de Regular

Society has set out a path for us to follow as we grow up. Expectations about education, social behavior, jobs, building a family all act to force individuals into a box. If we work nine to five without questioning our loss of individuality, what happens when our identity is lost and we become one with the masses?

Eau de Regular explores the notion of individuality versus conformity, in an imagined world where the allure is all about blending in with the crowd. One where people are slowly stripped of any personality they might have, eventually becoming bystanders in everyday life.

In contrast to traditional perfume consumption, striving for uniqueness and beauty, Eau de Regular aims at another view of the world. When you buy a perfume, you also buy an idea of a person you wish to be. Yet, ironically, by doing so you become a part of a wider group of consumers, meaning that you never truly become unique. The standpoint of Eau de Regular may thus be a more realistic one; an acceptance of not being unique at all.
The eau de parfum aims to embody an everyday life that has been rendered industrially uniform, where the fragrance composition transitions from initially floral, warm honey notes to overheated machine accords. Eau de Regular masks your truest self, allowing you to become a piece in the machinery. Smell it and remember that you are not special.

Last resort

Caroline Hallersjö, Jonas Hemlin, Ludvig Wärnsten, Kejia Zhu, Katherine Lower, Adrien Iltis, Yousif Saleh

About Last resort

Flygskam, or "flight shame", originated in 2018 in Sweden as a social movement opposing air travel, aiming to reduce the environmental footprint of aviation. Yet, while feelings of guilt may act to discourage consumers, the allure of sunnier destinations persists. As a last resort, some may seek out an alternative way of traveling. Last Resort was developed with such a travel in mind, designed to replicate the scent and experience one encounters when stepping off an airplane at warmer latitudes.

At its core, the scent blends together four distinct accords, each contributing to the immersive experience. The top notes feature a refreshing blend of lime and pineapple, offering a subtle nod to a tropical destination, establishing an initial connection to a distant paradise. The heart of the fragrance captures the essence of arrival with a hint of hot asphalt, simulating stepping off a plane onto a sun-soaked tarmac, providing a tangible connection to the journey. The soul of Last Resort lies in its base notes, where the dance between sweaty skin and humid air takes center stage. This combination creates an atmosphere of warmth and moisture, enveloping the wearer and transporting them to a destination far removed from the Swedish cold.


Klara Viriden, Ted Söderberg, Salmah Jumbe, Jina Suk, Liyi Fan, Anja Turner, Jason Moya

About Malware

A fragrance embodying the ways of malware; a malicious computer software.

Much like the nature of a clickbait virus, the scent seeks to corrupt and possess all those who encounter it. Luring in users with a fragile, appealing outer shell that swiftly breaks once applied, it soon reveals a radiating, darker core that slowly makes its mark. Malware is a concept where fragrance meets digital deception, flipping the conventional narrative of perfume - you don't wear the scent, the scent wears you.

The scent has been constructed to take you through a process similar to that of a virus infecting its host. Starting off with an alluring sour candy-like sweetness to draw you in, it explores enticing top notes of sour cherry and green apple. Quickly fading to reveal the darker elements of the scent once the façade shatters, a complex blend of smoky, electrical facets portray the aftermath, once the virus has taken over its host. In crafting this scent, we embraced the synthetic nature of malware, sculpting a fragrance that boldly distances itself from the organic world. The result is a celebration of artificial characteristics, a fragrant homage to the intriguing realm of digital infiltration.


Oscar Hagberg, Linnea Arminda Birkelöf, Greta Gustafsson, Jungwon (Maia) Choi, Carlos Neira, Ji Woo Lee, Eva Levecot

About Trickster

Trickster explores the diverse nature of reality by situating mythological narratives in our contemporary societies. As characters, the tricksters of mythology represent disruption and mischief, often portrayed as cunning, witty, humorous and unpredictable. Just as our personalities, they represent a moral and social greyzone; neither good nor bad.

In this concept, Bäckahästen ("the brook horse"), luring children and adults to drown with its beauty in Swedish folklore, is portrayed as an influencer. The Fox, a cunning figure using his fur as camouflage while tricking other animals, is represented as a character with political power. Pan in turn takes the product design of an incel, angry at the world while being left out by the gods who find him repelling. Bitter about his existence, he wont stop blaming others for it. Each story draws parallels between mythology and today's political, social, and cultural landscapes, providing a dynamic lens to understand the complex tapestry of our time. Can the idea of the trickster help us understand our fault-findings and simplistic view of each other?

The scent aims to capture the moments in which authenticity and falsehood come together, revealing the uncomfortable truths in our relationship to ourselves and society. This duality is expressed in the contrast between comforting notes of musk that bring the intimacy of human skin, and the disturbing notes of metal and sweat that reminds us that uncertainty permeates every moment of our lives. Notes of herbal sage and misty forests situate each narrative in its mythological origin, emphasizing the elemental nature of this uncertainty.

Lifvet Express (Life Express)

Mauritz, Andreas, Justus, Sheel Saini, Zhuoying (Leona) Li, Parsa Aiatollahi

About Lifvet Express (Life Express)

A concept about life, death, nostalgia, dreams, memories, and a beautified reality.

Lifvet Express ("Life Express") is a voyage through the tapestry of life, dreams, and personal nostalgia. Paying homage to Folkhemmet, the social democratic dream of a welfare state that shaped Swedish society for the majority of the 1900's, the concept represents a duality between both the beauty and social reality of life in the working towns across Sweden. It is also an exploration of nostalgia itself, and the bittersweet feeling when initial rushes of happiness from memories of a place left behind can turn into recollections of a harsher reality.

Made to be diffused spatially, the scent opens with a burst of bright, fruity and candy notes which transition into a plastic and chlorine accord, meant to represent a water park. As the scent dries down, it unravels the darker moments of life in such towns, represented by smoke, asphalt, fuel and animalic notes.

DESIGNERS (Beckmans College of Design)

Andreas Rehnberg, Caroline Hallersjö, Ernst Lilja, Gabriel Ankar, Greta Gustavsson, Jonas Hemlin, Justus Skördeman, Klara Viridén, Linnea Arminda Birkelund, Ludvig Wänelöf, Mauritz Larsson, Oscar Hagberg, Rebecca Lagerstedt, Salmah Jumbe, Ted Söderberg.


Yi (Lilian) Bai, Elise Mattisson Chue, Sarthak Jain, Ryan Chong, Kejia Zhu, Katherine Lower, Adrien Iltis, Yousif Saleh, Jina Suk, Liyi Fan, Anja Turner, Jason Moya, Jungwon (Maia) Choi, Carlos Neira, Ji Woo Lee, Eva Levecot, Sheel Saini, Zhuoying (Leona) Li, Parsa Aiatollahi

Visual identity by:

Salmah Jumbe & Oscar Hagberg


Thank you

Rise and Shoot

Guest lecturer and special thanks to:

Victor Langer
Sara Hernandez
Sophie Vukovic
Kimberly Ihre
Daniel de Viciola
Maria Lashari
Stefania Malmsten
Lamin Sonko
Olle Hemmendorff
Anna Barkne
Stora Skuggan
Maja Kinnemark
Anne Ditmeyer


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