2022 års Nobelpris som mode

Beckmans fashion

This year, first-year fashion students have created free interpretations of the 2022 Nobel Prize based on the criterion "wearable festive clothes". Until 26 February 2023, the works will be on display in the Nobel Creations exhibition at the Nobel Prize Museum in Stockholm.

- Creating creations based on the Nobel Prize is an artistic challenge, combining content and product design in one design. This year, the students have interpreted the winners symbolically and poetically. Through rigorous stylisations, they have worked methodically to portray abstract concepts such as contradiction and balance, spiral movements, quantum states, shame, courage and freedom, struggle for human rights and abuse of power," says Elisabet Yanagisawa, course leader in fashion design at Beckmans.

Participating students
Olivia Henriksson and Sofus van Mierlo - Nobel Prize in Medicine
Johannes Jansson and Karolin Lysén - Nobel Prize in Physics
Lina Fujikawa and Linn Hermander - Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Gustav Flovin and Julia Wahlberg - Nobel Prize in Literature
Elin Olsson, Kristin Svensson and Vanja Weichselbaumer - Nobel Peace Prize
Hanna Eriksson and Amanda Warnbo - Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Science in Memory of Alfred Nobel

Beckmans Designhögskola's fashion programme: Pär Engsheden, programme director. Elisabet Yanagisawa, Course Director. Göran Sundberg. Lisbeth Stålborg. Sandra Backlund.

Guest supervisors: Martin Bergström, Ulrika Elovsson, Charlotte Svinevit.

Photos: photographer: Mattias Edwall /Skarp Agent. Assistant photographer: Emanuel Koroly. Model: Juni E /Mikas. Hair and husband: Mia Högfeldt.

Student representatives Beckmans: Hanna Eriksson, Karolin Lysén.

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Works of Essence

Works of Essence

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