2022 glass scholarship winner appointed by Svenskt Tenn

Beckmans product design and product design

Chatrine Schumacher receives this year's glass scholarship from Svenskt Tenn for the vases Ally.

Honorary mentions went to Sigrid Mårtensson for her Krona carafe and Max Svensson Palmdahl for his Bremer spirit carafe.

About the course The assignment in collaboration with Svenskt Tenn

In their second year at product design , students explore glass design in collaboration with Svenskt Tenn. In the course, Svenskt Tenn is a potential client. The students' assignment: to create a product or series of products on the theme of "the laid table". Over a number of weeks, the students work on research, sketches and sketch models and then finish by having their design blown up in Gunilla Kihlgren's glassworks in Stockholm.

The course ends with an exhibition at Beckmans where the scholarship winner is announced by Svenskt Tenn. The scholarship gives the student 4 hours at the Stockholm Glass Foundry in Gustavsberg, where the student, together with a professional glassblower, continues developing their product.

Jury's motivation for the scholarship Chatrine Schumacher

"In 1940, Svenskt Tenn's founder, Estrid Ericson, arranged an autumn exhibition in the shop called 100 vases with flowers in them.

In the invitation she wrote:

You can never have too many vases, for the vase must be chosen for the flowers: otherwise they will not come into their own. One should therefore have almost as many vases as there are species of flowers.

Being able to arrange a group of low flowers on a table, as Estrid Ericson advocated, can be done in different ways. A vase that can be built into a flower bed over the table or into a circle as a centerpiece feels like a vase that there is room and need for. Ally is a well-executed project where we were able to follow an interesting design process and where Chatrine put a tremendous amount of time and energy into creating a product design and a production solution, with the result being a unique and beautiful product."

Honorary mention Sigrid Mårtensson

"Sigrid Mårtensson has really focused on solving a need and taken on the challenge of making sure that the ice in the Krona carafe does not fall into the drinking glass. The solution is a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing brass detail that really has a function. We see this as worthy of recognition."

Honorary mention Max Svensson Palmdahl

"Max Svensson Palmdahl has not only created a beautiful bottle for spirits, where you can see the herbs with which to season the spirits, he has also built up an exciting story that connects both to him personally but also to the bottle product design. This gives us who have heard the story of Ernst Bremer an additional dimension and understanding of his design, Bremer."

Participating teachers and guest teachers

Peter Nylander, designer and course coordinator product design
Karoon Khosravi, artist/glassblower, Stockholm Glass
Rasmus Nossbring, artist/glassblower, Stockholm Glass
Simon Klenell, artist/glassblower

Works of Essence

Works of Essence

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